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Twice the fun! Finally my Dear Friend (punn intended) Jono Friend, came along to the US for his first visit! Joining our NYC family on many ventures - nocturnal expeditions in particular.

I have only seen it snow once before - this time last year in New York. I have to say, i was so sick of the unbearable heat in Sydney, that -4’ C felt like a treat. The day after I arrived there was news of a snow storm. Everyone was out and about with their variations of side-walk-salters, optimistically sprinkling sodium pebbles, rocks and powder hoping it will melt away at the predicted 2 foot of snow and they might still have some resemblance of sidewalk outside their store tomorrow.

I woke up warm under my covers with the icy whirlwind of snow radiating through the window by my bed. The snow spiralled and spun - dancing amidst strong gusts of wind beyond the glass. I spent the Snow Day with my friend Ryan Ulsh - Outside, in the elements all day. I thought, What better to do than drive around and take pictures and make a film in the snow? (lucky Manhattan roads are ploughed)

I love to let loose and feel complete freedom when mother nature is in a powerful state - i may have danced in the snow storm with next to nothing on. I found it amazing how i could just dance and dance, and become engulfed completely in my movement. Following the gusts of wind and snow flakes. I was completely numb to the temperature, it was such a liberating experience - cant wait to show you.

We went everywhere that day. East Village to West, Soho to Central Park. We walked the Brooklyn bridge and even accidentally ended up in New Jersey. Thankyou Ryan for making my Second ever Snow Day so fun. All photos of me throughout this post are taken by Ryan Ulsh. More to come!

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It was Fashion Week after all, so a few days into it, being here, there, everywhere, show to show, presentation to event. Openings and closings and all that jazz …. I wound up exactly where i wanted to be - Johan and Marteen played Dj set at Never Never - busting out the bangers, St Germain to Archie Hamilton and more. I had a hoot dancing and getting groovy, it was refreshing to hear somewhat of a “World Music” set in a club that usually only plays top 40 or that weird rap/house/trap all-in-one genre that seems to be a new phenomenon. So, Well done boys - Well played Team.



xo snow-mo

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