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F is for Fendi

F is For...

Many things - as we now know, Friends, Fashion, Freezing, Fight, Flight, Fierce and of course Fendi. With invite in hand we made our way as 7 to the Fendi/Boilerroom event at New York Fashion Week. We heard it would be big, and with the likes of 21 Savage, Jaime Jones (i know - again?!) Amigos, Peggy Gou and more playing... but we didn't know we would have to literally fight our way to the door, squeezing through hundreds of people.

F is for Fight, Georgia, Jono and i decided we would give it a shot and wiggled (pushed) our way through the fiercely dressed and sassy-faced crowd, hanging on tightly as if it were life or death we made it, broke free of the crowd and were on out way up... Sadly the other 5 decided F was for Flight disappeared during the decision making process...

We found ourselves amidst what i would compare to a crowd as innovative, and individual in fashion as in images I've seen from Afro Punk Festival... i was Wowed. I was also impressed by the unusual dancers and "Bone Breakers".


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