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Backstage for Aveda at TOME NYC with Darren Summors

TOME NYC with Darren Summors for Aveda Aus 
It's NYFW! No doubt it's great to go along to the shows, but there's no real experience like being backstage, amidst the hustle and bustle, rushing and running, scattering, scrambling, make-up, clothes and clips, hair dryers, hair-spray and more.
I had the opportunity to head backstage for Tome NYC and meet fellow Sydney-Sider, Darren Summors - a Freelance Hair stylist for Aveda. We squeezed in a catchup in between the loud blowing of hair dryers  click here to get to know Darren and have a listen!
The TOME show was all about empowering women-
sponsored by the Guerilla Girls group, emphasis on individuality was evident in every creative aspect of the show. The girls were all gorgeously diverse in shape, size, age and ethnicity. I have to say it is pleasantly uplifting to see plus size models and elderly women walk down the runway amoung the usual suspects. The hair styles for the show played on these ideas by leaving the girls looking natural or as if they've "turned up for a casting." Lead stylist Antoinette Beenders expresses "the look is super simple. we're kind of asking the girls what do they do with their hair, and then doing it in a hair-dresser way"
Later Darren explains each look to me in more detail and gave me demo on all the Aveda Products being used to create the "effortless" looks.
Darren tells me " It's Very much the un-done - Done today. Were just taking each girl as they are - and working with their natural texture, partings and movement: and polishing it up abit, but nothing too shiny, nothing too matte. It's all about healthy looking hair."
After I had my hair done in the style of the show it was amazing how he transformed my hair from tangled to looking and feeling great using - Pure Abundance Style Prep, Avedas New Shampure Dry Shampoo and a touch of Hair Control Hair Spray - and of course Darren's magic styling hands.




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