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Our trip begins as we make haste away from the skyscrapers of Dubai, through the rolling sand hills of the desert and into to the rocky mountain range of Hatta. Captivated by the gorgeous purple, grey and blue ombre mountains. At the foothills of the mountains is Hatta dam, where the curiously turquoise waters are home to many actives such as canoeing, rowing and boating beneath these beautiful landscapes.

With some time to spare Saffron and I came across an Arabic Teahouse just outside the city, in the old town, somewhat similar to a souk or Medina. We find ourselves greeted by sincere smiles, and sensational smells - not just of delicious food, but copious amounts of sandalwood burning above a wishing well. We sit down at the cosiest looking table, where the sun peaks though the lush, green over hangings. The teahouse is white, blue and dainty, but surrounded by terracotta walls. Its decorated with old photographs and memorabilia. Waitresses and kitchen staff wander around in polka-dot dresses while some men play music. Our tea blooms beautifully as we watch in awe, orange flowers submerging from the coiled green tea leaves. The perfect distraction while our most middle-eastern feast is being prepared. Falafel, pitta, dips - galore … and we attempt to finish it all! What a beautiful first meal in Dubai.


Time for a day at the beach, a salt water fix was needed! We found ourselves to be far more productive than imagined. The sun wasn't too hot that afternoon. So you would have curiously seen us Lounging in hammocks overhanging the beautiful still sea, with surprisingly fast wifi, ploughing through emails and getting it done! My kind of afternoon


its 530am in the middle of the freezing cold desert. after being picked up from our hotels we all congregate around a deflated ballon, soon to be filled full or air and fire. Up, up and away, 40000 ft. in the air we watch the most gorgeous sunrise over the desert. eagles fly around and sand dunes swirl in the most peculiar patterns as we come closer and closer. down, down, down and off to breakfast in the desert…

Into our old school safari land rovers and over the sand dunes we go. Famished, i can see a mirage-like setting on the horizon. Much to my surprise this was no mirage, infact through the palm trees we found ourselves greeted pleasantly with rosewater blessings, fresh gooey dates and arabic coffee as we wandered, weary-eyed into this little slice of heaven. Pillows and blankets lined the floors, tables of fresh arabic breakfast and toasty drinks. The air was still cool although the sun seemed high as we nibbled and sipped our coffee.

Our little breakfast camp was surrounded by the sandy park where we would begin our safari. With the warm wind in our hair, we cruised through the desert. Stopping to see elks, camels, lizards and many peculiar holes, for those nocturnal critters and wondrous oasis of ancient trees and other flora.

FROM ABOVE The city from above is so impressive, from its palm trees (literally palm tree shaped islands) to its skyscrapers.


I had the chance to visit my cousins who live in dubai, and they recommended Tajin, a beautiful moroccan restaurant where they choose to break their ramadan fast! i was captivated by the beautiful live musicians playing traditional instruments while we nibbles on olives and dips, and ate delicious traditional vegetable curry.


After 4 days of amazing arabic food, I started to feel like i needed a good-ol beetroot juice and maybe a salad. Tom & Serg hit the spot. A little bit of everything. A Macro/healthy food menu, Aussie style coffee, NYC industrial location and i think i was feeling a fairly LA interior vibe… it was delicious! Familiar indeed!


Were 30 floors up inside the Buj Al-Arab, if you weren't already impressed by the whacky, colourful interior, fountains and gold foiled columns, you’d be stunned by this gloriously grand and righteously royal spa, surprisingly tranquil… and covered on mosaic. Stunning! That afternoon seemed quiet, and there was no one around, saffron and i had the spa, sauna, and ice plunge pools all to ourselves…


On our last night we chose to have dinner on a rooftop where we could sit and enjoy the view of the sunset behind the worlds tallest building. After all we had only driven past it each day, but not yet marvelled in its glory! A delicious 5-cuisine asian restaurant covered all our cravings.


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