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4 Keys to a Calm Mind


In this crazy, whacked out, fast paced and ever-changing life we lead - we tend to get a little caught up with irrelevant issues. I know, myself that i tend to get lost and forget that Simplicity is Key - the less i have, the happier i am. For example, when i head out on camping trip away from the big city - with just a car and whatever I may find on the road...the possibilities seem endless! My mind runs free and I have not a care in the world! This is what I'm talking about...


 Impressive in her power and grandeur! We all marvel at the mountains don't we? I find myself calm, centred and effortlessly experiencing a higher sense of self awareness when I have spent some time just breathing, and observing my immediate surroundings in nature. From the grains of grit amongst my seat, to the singing of birds in trees. The waves and rustles of the leaves amidst the clouds that swirl and sweep across the sky.


 I dance. This is my outlet. I believe that once you find that movement or creative drive within you that acts as your release: be it emotional, physical or both - you have found something that will make you happy for the rest of your life. Whether its dancing, running, swimming, playing violin, singing, painting - do whatever feels right to express your feelings and work through whatever it is that does not serve you.


 When I find the down time and I happen to be in the right frame of mind to read… Not only do i feel inspired, to delve deeper into the knowledge studied by others and educate myself in fields other than my own - but i feel a brighter sense of being wash over me. Reading enriches a higher sense of understanding, most importantly - from another point of view. This outlook from another person not only teaches you - but perhaps shows you another way of looking at things, people, places or events… you can then take this perception of whatever it may be and put it into practice in your own reality. Mind blowing i say! I find myself reading the most random things. Novels to Textbooks, Thesauruses to Encyclopaedias. Articles, other blogs, poems, art critiques and more. Self Study is very important... use that noodle!


 This one speaks for itself, and no - I'm not telling you to sit on a cushion, light candles, count your breaths and tell your mind to hush. Just take some time to enjoy being still. Most Importantly spend some time to be alone, with yourself. I find my alone time, whether it be a few days, or a few weeks is when i really grow and evolve as a person. Even if it means a short while away from your best friend or significant other. I find you can loose your sense of self ever so easily in a relationship, so this is my fourth and final key - Solitude is Bliss.


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