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Dear Friend takes Coachella 17

D E A R  F R I E N D  @  C O A C H E L L A

Coachella III
With spirits high we flew across the world to reunite a notoriously mischievous
group of friends for the launch of Dear Friend at Coachella 2017.
friends travelled from far and wide - Adin, Jono, Dom, Jian, Jordan, Roberta, Tahnee, Kayla and I from Australia, Charlie from London, Jack, Barron, Jordan Barrett, Georgia, Jordy, Ben, and more from NYC. Looking back on the weekend now I really appreciate how we easily assimilated as one group, each individual seamlessly connecting the pieces of the puzzle as if everyone had always been friends. I want to extend out a really big thankyou to all our wonderful friends - for coming together from near and far to support Jono and Adin and the launch of Dear Friend. Ironically over Coachella I witnessed many new friendships form and develop. Not only is Dear Friend a Brand, but it is a platform in which our circle of much loved friends can be extended, come together, share skills, experiences and continue to cross paths on our unique global journeys.
So in the name of Dear Friend, I Thankyou all for the memorable experience. I cannot wait to see where it takes you boys.
The festival itself was wonderful as always - big gooey trippy art installations and impressive light shows really highlighted the juxtaposition of this green grassy, Palm- filled oasis surrounded by immense rolling sand dunes and rough mountainous terrain. It is truly beautiful.
I happened to stumble though The Antarctic, have you ever been? - it's an INTEL / hp Observatory style dome, where a highly subjective and very psychedelic 10 minute digital show sucked you through space and time, from the boulders of Joshua tree into the complexities of DNA, a journey through a molecular and cellular systems. Through worlds of swirling yellow and orange Fibonacci patterns, kaleidoscopes, jelly, astronauts, caterpillars and shooting stars. The Dome had a 500 person capacity and some very icy air con, which I used to lure in my guests... I proceeded to drag multiple groups of my friends there to "cool off" during the day- much to their surprise. I truly loved it and I have to admit it was one of the highlights of my weekend, when it was all too much in the thick of it a quick 10 minute single focus meditation was much needed.
On the musical side of things Nicholas Jaar played a enchanting downtempo set, kicking it off with a bang - playing "No" my favorite of his new tracks. I was so intrigued to see that he sang live while he played! I had no idea his tracks utilized his own voice. It was beautiful!
All else aside Kenrdrick Lamar took the cake for me - at first I didn't like his new album too much, sceptical that he had fallen down the commercial hip-hop rabbit hole. It didn't take me much convincing to realize he has simply taken the next step by putting his own spin on the sounds that are so popular at this time in Hiphop - and now I'm Hooked on his new Album 'DAMN'. Needless to say his set featured a series of Kung Fu Short Films which where artistic ...and simultaneously comical - I think he was going for shock value. Additionally he sang a song while performing an illusionist trick... It really was quite the show.
Kaytranda was certainly a good boogie, along with Tale of Us, Sasha, Hot since 82, Solomun and whoever else was playing at the Yuma Stage / Rave Tent as I like to call it (where we spent most of our weekend) I travelled back in time as New Order put on a groovy disco show. SchoolBoy Q played all the bangers and of course had A$VP Rocky and Tyler the Creator as guests .
 Smiles all round, we had a wonderful time.



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