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We all love the thrill and excitement of travelling, exploring vast cities, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. But there is nothing more frustrating than the debilitating feeling of Jetlag. The past two years i have been flying back and fourth from LA to Australia, sometimes 6 times a year, and i think I've finally got the hang of it. No Matter where you are flying, these Natural Tips and Tricks should help you beat that Jetlag.

Jet lag is the cause of your body clock and rhythm being all out of whack, so its best to try and shift your sleeping patterns just prior to your trip, and most importantly make sure you get enough rest.

The night before you fly, try to sleep slightly earlier or later (earlier if you’re traveling east, later if you’re travelling west)

  • My number one tip is try your best to sleep on the plane! I know this may seem hard, its uncomfortable, especially if you're tall. So here are my Natural remedies to help you relax and hopefully nod off.
  • My Biggest Secret is Melatonin tablets - Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone released in your body that helps you fall asleep. Tablets or tinctures are taken to increase available melatonin and therefore help you sleep. They are available online (if you're in Australia) or in supermarkets/chemist stores in US. When you are buying supplements make sure they are a trusted brand, good quality, high potency, and contain all or mostly natural ingredients.
  • For an even more Natural option - Some foods naturally boost your Melatonin. So on the plane pack a fruit salad or snacks with cherries, pineapple, oranges, bananas and oats (to name a few).
  • Increase your Fluid intake and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Just for the day of the flight/ while your on the plane, as it will dehydrate you! Drinking Lots of herbal tea such as valerian root or chamomile tea will help to relax you and your belly.
  • Lavender essential oil. I am Big on Aromatherapy and soon you'll be hearing much more from me in this field. Lavender Essential Oil is wonderfully relaxing, i remember as a child my mum put it on my pillow and temples to help me sleep at night, so this trick has some history too!
  • Try to ingest lots of ginger for a few days after your flight to get that metabolism back in order and keep you full of healthy energy - ginger can be consumed in tea form, freshly cut and steeped in boiling water or grated finely and used in cooking - get creative!
  • Now i know I'm Nuts at the best of times,  but my favourite thing to do, straight off a long flight is go to a class or to the gym. I feel so refreshed and energised after i get my heart rate up, get those endorphins pumping and sweat it out! But… a workout/yoga might seem completely ridiculous if your feeling exhausted, so as long as you take a leisurely stroll or get out in the sun for a minute - you'll feel fab.
  • JUICE! its best to let your metabolism during/ rest after a long flight. but of course you wont always find good quality fresh juice wherever you may be, i whenever i travel i take @bareblends, Bare Greens with me, its simply a powder form Organic Green juice full of energy boosters and alkalising greens such as - matcha, wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina, silica, apple and mango.  All you do is stir it through a cup of filtered water with a squeeze of lemon or lime and Hey, Presto! Organic Juice!

Safe Travels!

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