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All Things Great (Greece)

I actually cannot write a full story about Greece because it is simply too magnificent for words.

I was completely stopped in my tracks and lost for words, speechless and utterly taken away by the beauty. My appetite was nurtured by the mezze-style dinners and gorgeous local desert wines made from grapes that grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil. Olives picked just over the fence and the deepest, richest green olive oil I've ever seen. As I walked the streets or if i had a minute to go for a run, I couldn't help but stop and pick the tennis-ball sized, sometimes even semi-dried figs from the trees and nibble on grapes hanging along the aside of the road. My Tastebuds were singing and I was feeling surprisingly guilt-free after the strangely subtle sweetness of flaky baklavas, drowned in honey. The Beaches were incredible, The highly salinated water made floating so pleasantly effortless although it definitely ate a few centimetres off my hair. However, It was well worth the minor hair loss to experience the other-worldly scenery. Santorini’s mars-like red beaches and Milos’ magnificent moon-esque landscapes definitely took the cake for me.

Most importantly My company was what made my trip so dang special. Ari, Dean, Michael, Nico, Phil, Peter - thank you for making my first experience of Greece so damn authentic, so full of culture, smiles, laughs and fucking good times.

In a Nutshell - The Greeks were friendly and welcoming everywhere I went. The dance floors were pumping in Mykonos. The sunsets were otherworldly in Santorini and the beaches were breathtaking in Milos. That is all.

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