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One of the most gorgeous and sublime adventures I've embarked on - surrounded by nature, Forest, Sky, Sand, Sea and Reef. Immersed in all the colours, sounds, smells, textures - and tastes!

One thing I didn't get the chance to really share live during my stay was the incredible dining experience of each and every location. From - Julaymba at the Daintree Eco Lodge, Orpheus’ catering to Miss Songs at The Ville Townsville. Our dietary requirements were met with a smile (how unusual!) and our tastebuds were very, very impressed with all the local produce and simple yet experimental dishes.



Amongst the cool, damp forest air and rustling fern leaves, at the base of the Daintree Rainforest; the worlds oldest rainforest. We wander, learn, wine, dine and rest and relax beneath her calming canopies.

I am so facilitated by edible gardens, flowers and foraging for food. On a bush walk around the property we learnt about things to eat and not to eat around the rainforest. Harvesting brain powering Gotu Kola, digestion-stimulating ginger and diuretic cats whiskers flower - all the detoxing things! We may have been persuaded to lick an ants butt, full of vitamin C!

Julaymba restaurant was unbelievable. Something about the tranquil surroundings surprised me when I sat down for a carefully curated, seasonal degustation … I suppose we presume that Australian culture doesn't lend itself to a certain cuisine, but Julaymba really encapsulated quintessentially Australian flavours and foods like quandong, lemon myrtle, barramundi, coral trout, local bananas and more.

The next day with a picnic we set off to Cape Tribulation. A beautiful place, bursting with nature of all sorts. From Rainforest to River to the Great barrier Reef, we were in the crossfire of Natures great wonders. 

Nostalgic are rock pools to me, I found myself at ease by the trickling fresh water weaving around wet rocks and pebbles. We picnicked below the lichen and moss covered canopy, the sun dancing through tiny spaces between leaves, shining beams down into the clear pool's pebbly river bed.

Daintree ice-cream Co… mmm this ice creamery was recommended by some friends of mine! Its certainly unsupecting, a little shack nestled into an orchard! Four flavours in each cup, each a delicate, seasonal sensation harvested from the properties very own Soursop, Mango, Passionfruit and Coconut trees.  Quoted as “The most scenic ice-cream company ever” - Lonely Planet. They also are involved in many conservation programs for wildlife in the region.

Before we know it… A helicopter flies us over Rainforest to Reef, we are reminded again of the unbelievably diverse beauty of Northern Queensland. We leave the Daintree and arrive at Orpheus Island.





Off the helicopter, my feet leave a buzzing and vibratory vivid experience, stepping down onto solid ground. Grounding. An island with no cars, complete calm. An uncanny wave of relaxation swept over us as were greeted by beautiful open space, tropical trees, clear turquoise water and friendly faces (a few at that, it seems theres hardly anyone on this island!)

Every evening the glorious sunsets that went on forever. Blue to yellow to orange, red to pink, and the finale, a vibrant but fading fuchsia, violet, navy… black but starry skies. Beaming moon. Beautiful.

As for the food, I can't find the words to describe how healthy and light yet happily indulged I felt. Brekkie, well…. yum.  Also, Someone knew, somehow - that I love butter in my coffee 😉 Lunch everyday was themed, I LOVED this concept. We enjoyed Lebanese lunch, Indian lunch, and a picnic lunch which we took on a boat - on our own, out along the reef to a private beach… with soft white sand, beautiful boulders, clear turquoise water…you get the rest. Dinner each night was nothing short of impeccably simple, delicious, light, tasty, innovative, experimental, satisfying yet somehow filling. and unlike many places - I would wake up  the next day feeling fresh! Not full!



Something different! A Quick stay before we headed back to rainy, cold Sydney…It's the middle of winter here in Australia - remember! But its always sunny in Queensland …

Greeted with personalised robes, a flower bath and a fruit mandala… I’m feeling fancy. From our gorgeous, light and bright suite we could see down to the pool, striped and mod - feeling like I've entered a time machine, its 1979 and I’m ready for a night on the town! … or a delightful dinner at Miss Songs asian-fusion….