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After being the only rainbow in the village all weekend, I tapped back into my love and appreciation for street wear. It seemed apparent that when in Berlin there is no such thing as going out in your "comfy" black boots. So lace up your most technically supportive runners, also a black leather bum-bag slung over one shoulder was evidently essential. Suddenly... It came to me. Ah- Ha! A pair of black Raf Simons trainers accented with a splash of dull colour caught my eye. Then it dawned on me, why would i want to experience anything other than sheer comfort if I'm dancing for hours (days).

Deep in the towering Mitte beneath the soaring scape of soho house lays a conceptually impressive store - The Store.

High end street wear and fashion, Lifestyle, Natural cosmetics, books, film and cameras, an eclectic record collection and not to mention Roi Perez, taking care of the Phonica section, spinning groovy vinyls in store.

Last but not least, The Stores most popular attraction - the Organic and Locally sourced Cafe run by Aussie Chef Scott Buchanan.

If out doesn't sound good enough already, London based Idea Books curate The Store's book collection and every magazine is hand-picked individually

There is such an eclectic variety of things available at The Store. But I certainly wasn't overwhelmed- rather inspired byte interesting and conceptually well curated collection.

I absolutely adore Vetements and Balenciaga. They are so gorgeous and wonderful... The devil on my shoulder was about to let Forest green lace over the knee Vetements stilettos nearly made the cut...but then little angle is like… Woah, we’re tryna be real here.


1. Lost in Berlin ( we're all a bit lost in a new city, and that's the point - so here's how to be strategically lost and actually find cool shit along way)

2. Raf Simmons (Whats that? You like raving and walking everywhere? Enough said.)

3. Egyptian Magic (hydrate that scaly skin of yours - the climate is Berlin can be pretty harsh. Oh and PS yes you are extremely dehydrated - especially if it's Monday)

4. Hunza G swim (after hours of dancing in the dark you probably need some vitamin d and it's a good idea to work on that tan while you find your face again in one of Berliners beautiful bushy parks) I picked red of course because Berliners seem to love to mostly… sometimes(always) wear black and red.

5. Brutalism (token oversized white slogan tee) Our Brutalism t-shirt is an ode to our building, the Brutalist masterpiece that houses The Store Studios on London's The Strand

6. A Vinyl Ofcourse - Phonica Earth Traxx  (info) this record maintains that banging Berlin vibe, with a touch of chill, (flutes included) although it is techno its still lax enough to play at any hour of the day.

And so there you have it ... 6 Summer Essentials from The Store. Be sure to pop your head in if you are wandering about the streets of Berlin! Even if you aren't going shopping, have a squiz at The Store's cleverly curated concepts and get Inspired !


I'm ever so sad but simultaneously glad to say - See you soon Berlin!