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Twice the fun! Finally my Dear Friend (punn intended) Jono Friend, came along to the US for his first visit! Joining our NYC family on many ventures - nocturnal expeditions in particular.

I have only seen it snow once before - this time last year in New York. I have to say, i was so sick of the unbearable heat in Sydney, that -4’ C felt like a treat. The day after I arrived there was news of a snow storm. Everyone was out and about with their variations of side-walk-salters, optimistically sprinkling sodium pebbles, rocks and powder hoping it will melt away at the predicted 2 foot of snow and they might still have some resemblance of sidewalk outside their store tomorrow.

I woke up warm under my covers with the icy whirlwind of snow radiating through the window by my bed. The snow spiralled and spun - dancing amidst strong gusts of wind beyond the glass. I spent the Snow Day with my friend Ryan Ulsh - Outside, in the elements all day. I thought, What better to do than drive around and take pictures and make a film in the snow? (lucky Manhattan roads are ploughed)

I love to let loose and feel complete freedom when mother nature is in a powerful state - i may have danced in the snow storm with next to nothing on. I found it amazing how i could just dance and dance, and become engulfed completely in my movement. Following the gusts of wind and snow flakes. I was completely numb to the temperature, it was such a liberating experience - cant wait to show you.

We went everywhere that day. East Village to West, Soho to Central Park. We walked the Brooklyn bridge and even accidentally ended up in New Jersey. Thankyou Ryan for making my Second ever Snow Day so fun. All photos of me throughout this post are taken by Ryan Ulsh. More to come!

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It was Fashion Week after all, so a few days into it, being here, there, everywhere, show to show, presentation to event. Openings and closings and all that jazz …. I wound up exactly where i wanted to be - Johan and Marteen played Dj set at Never Never - busting out the bangers, St Germain to Archie Hamilton and more. I had a hoot dancing and getting groovy, it was refreshing to hear somewhat of a “World Music” set in a club that usually only plays top 40 or that weird rap/house/trap all-in-one genre that seems to be a new phenomenon. So, Well done boys - Well played Team.



xo snow-mo

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F is for Fendi

F is For...

Many things - as we now know, Friends, Fashion, Freezing, Fight, Flight, Fierce and of course Fendi. With invite in hand we made our way as 7 to the Fendi/Boilerroom event at New York Fashion Week. We heard it would be big, and with the likes of 21 Savage, Jaime Jones (i know - again?!) Amigos, Peggy Gou and more playing... but we didn't know we would have to literally fight our way to the door, squeezing through hundreds of people.

F is for Fight, Georgia, Jono and i decided we would give it a shot and wiggled (pushed) our way through the fiercely dressed and sassy-faced crowd, hanging on tightly as if it were life or death we made it, broke free of the crowd and were on out way up... Sadly the other 5 decided F was for Flight disappeared during the decision making process...

We found ourselves amidst what i would compare to a crowd as innovative, and individual in fashion as in images I've seen from Afro Punk Festival... i was Wowed. I was also impressed by the unusual dancers and "Bone Breakers".


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Backstage for Aveda at TOME NYC with Darren Summors

TOME NYC with Darren Summors for Aveda Aus 
It's NYFW! No doubt it's great to go along to the shows, but there's no real experience like being backstage, amidst the hustle and bustle, rushing and running, scattering, scrambling, make-up, clothes and clips, hair dryers, hair-spray and more.
I had the opportunity to head backstage for Tome NYC and meet fellow Sydney-Sider, Darren Summors - a Freelance Hair stylist for Aveda. We squeezed in a catchup in between the loud blowing of hair dryers  click here to get to know Darren and have a listen!
The TOME show was all about empowering women-
sponsored by the Guerilla Girls group, emphasis on individuality was evident in every creative aspect of the show. The girls were all gorgeously diverse in shape, size, age and ethnicity. I have to say it is pleasantly uplifting to see plus size models and elderly women walk down the runway amoung the usual suspects. The hair styles for the show played on these ideas by leaving the girls looking natural or as if they've "turned up for a casting." Lead stylist Antoinette Beenders expresses "the look is super simple. we're kind of asking the girls what do they do with their hair, and then doing it in a hair-dresser way"
Later Darren explains each look to me in more detail and gave me demo on all the Aveda Products being used to create the "effortless" looks.
Darren tells me " It's Very much the un-done - Done today. Were just taking each girl as they are - and working with their natural texture, partings and movement: and polishing it up abit, but nothing too shiny, nothing too matte. It's all about healthy looking hair."
After I had my hair done in the style of the show it was amazing how he transformed my hair from tangled to looking and feeling great using - Pure Abundance Style Prep, Avedas New Shampure Dry Shampoo and a touch of Hair Control Hair Spray - and of course Darren's magic styling hands.