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A U T U N M  I N  N Y C

From far far away in the land down under to a city where buildings soar perpetually, penetrating the sky line. I touch down with a buzz in my heart and a skip in my step - every time without fail, straight off the red-eye, regardless of little sleep. I Love NYC, As Strange as it seems Little old quiet, meditating, bohemian, nature loving-me. But With that many people, energies, auras and all - hundreds of floors up above you, how could you possibly feel grounded? That is the best part.Almost all my best friends - although from different eras of my life, all from Australia, happen to reside here.




My New York family really are my home away from home. All on different journeys, paths of their own - young, adventurous, bold characters who are all completely unique in  their jobs and personalities yet all like-minded people, Supporting each other in the big city.

My New York family really are my home away from home. this little schpeel is really just a thankyou-very-much, i love-you-all-so, i am so grateful that everytime i go to my favourite city, i feel so welcome. Needless to say, secretly i know, that really i love this place because of my dear friends - indeed the energy of the city would still remain perhaps from the quartz that lies deep beneath the subway. seeing little waves that tickle at my toes when i take my first step onto the cold hard concrete…but it wouldn't be the same without you all.



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P E P P E R M I N T Y - N E S S

Quick Tip!

Other than its wonderful breath freshening effect,  Peppermint Essential Oil (when ingested) is known to be is effective at killing anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, and aiding digestion.

I keep one in my purse wherever i go and especially when i travel. Instead of chemical-filled chewing-gum, this bad boy freshens your breath and even gives me a little energy boost too!

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B L U E   B O Y S  I N...


A place i want to spend some more time. Uniquely temperate and somewhat solemn. Summer 17 ill seek a new experience